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We register your drone in Thailand

We are here to help you to start a hassle free preparation for your vacation with your drone in Thailand.

We are proud of our beautiful country. That’s why we want you to have the best vacation possible. There is at least one thing we can do for you to fully enjoy: Register your drone in Thailand.

Hastle free
No need to deal with Thai authorities
Risk free flying your drone in Thailand
Save time and nerves

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successful application up to date

Our Process

We take care of the bureaucratic formalities with the Thai authorities and provide you with the required drone insurance. You don’t have to deal with any frustrating issues.

We will apply for approval from two authorities: The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) for radio control and the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) for the use of airspace.
For both, we need a few documents and photos of the drone.
For CAAT, we provide you with the mandatory liability insurance that meets the legal requirements.

The whole process will take 2 to 4 weeks. Start filling out the form as early as possible.
The last step has to be done when you enter Thailand.
In some cases, we can also obtain approvals more quickly. Our best record is 5 working days. Write us an e-mail if you are running short of time.

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Enjoy your holidays with your drone instead of dealing with Thai authorities!

Of course you can apply for the required permits yourself but our expertise means that common errors are avoided in the application process.

We have built up this knowledge by getting more than 105 applications approved. You will find that it can take days for your CAAT application to be rejected and only the first mistake in the application is identified. If there are further mistakes in the application, each one will add several days to the approval process.

If you are traveling to Thailand without a visa, you can only register the drone with the NBTC after arrival. This means you’ll waste valuable vacation time dealing with the authorities.

The added value we offer lies not only in the tasks we take off your hands, but also in our experience in this process and the fact that we have native Thai speakers on our team who communicate with Thai government agencies.

What our customer say

our service: 1900 THB


– service fee

– request approval at CAAT

– request approval at NBTC

– NBTC fee

not including

– insurance

Insurance: 599 / 799 THB

third-party property liability insurance to meet the legal requirements

Insurance premium is depending on the size of your drone
– 599 THB for a drone up to 300 gram
– 799 THB for a drone between 301 and 3000 gram

If you have an international drone insurance that covers the legal requirements, an extra insurance is not necessary. (Nevertheless sometimes the offices do not accept foreign insurances and it is easier and faster to apply a Thai insurance.)


We do our best to provide you with your approval as fast as possible.


Come to know the friendliness of our staff. We are in the land of smiles.


We will do everything we can to register your drone with the Thai authorities.


We keep you informed about every step in the registration process.

our Mission

You can fly your drone in Thailand with peace of mind

the procedure

4 steps to achieve that.

– fill out the form – click here to start with step 1
– send us the necessary documents and photos (wait for our mail)

– sign the application for the insurance if needed
– pay 1900 Baht + the insurance (if needed)

– get the approval of CAAT

– send us a photo of the immigration stamp after you enter Thailand
– get the approval of NBTC

Take a look at the 4 steps in detail

The 4 steps in detail

Meet the team

We are here to help


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Drone Registration Manager


Drone Registration Manager

First step –
fill out the form

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